• Fancy something Elsa? Exclusive interview with Idina Menzel

Fancy something Elsa? Exclusive interview with Idina Menzel

Issue 1148

Fancy something Elsa? Exclusive interview with Idina Menzel

In this issue…The election campaign is just a week in. So we thought, as holidays are here, we’d offer a break. Steven MacKenzie interviews Idina Menzel, the woman who sings Let It Go, one of the world’s biggest songs. 

As the weather turns, head outside. In a Hidden Britain special we bring maps and walking guides to some of the lesser known, but brilliantly odd places of interest across the nation. From Stone circles, to Iron Age forts and smugglers wells, a rich past is laid out.

Our Letter To My Younger Self is with the Greens’ only MP, Caroline Lucas. Always strident and interesting, she details the strange route that took her to Westminster. . 

John Bird this week says we should know our history. Before complaining about the breakup of the welfare state we should consider the part Thatcher and Blair played in constructing the modern version – and where this has left the poor of our nation.

Polly Devlin is back. She celebrates the great contrarians. Sit back, and enjoy. Or argue!

Our featured vendor is Bridget Murray, who sells in Bath. Hers is an extraordinary tale. She had a very happy ordinary life until her early 40s when her kids left home. She got into a relationship that broke down and then spiralled into booze. It left her on the streets. Now, she says, selling The Big Issue has given her focus and self-confidence again and she’s looking at a bright future. A brilliant, uplifting story.

Can I also direct you to the piece written by Ferdinand Mount. He explains the incredible story of murder and mutiny involving his (and David Cameron’s) ancestors with the East India Company. 

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