Feel the force

Issue 1404


You’d have to have been hiding out in a galaxy far, far away to miss the cutest new character in the Star Wars universe. We look at the lessons we can learn from Baby Yoda aka The Child to get us through the next few months. And we hope readers won’t be able to resist. We also catch up with the original Yoda living out his retirement on a Caribbean island…

Also inside…

  • From Jedi mind tricks to the real magic of Dynamo. After a long period of illness – and having just recovered from Coronavirus – Britain’s biggest trickster is back on top. But, he says, it’s NHS staff who are the real magicians.
  • Mervyn King was the Bank of England boss through the financial crash a decade ago. He exclusively tells The Big Issue the lessons from that time we need to apply now.
  • There’s probably a lot of people stuck at home listening to Radiohead so we have the band’s Ed O’Brien as this week’s Letter To My Younger Self.
  • Norwich vendor Simon tells us how the antique trade has also taken a hammering.
  • Lennie James gives us her self-isolation kit.
  • And yes, we have another exercise from Mr Motivator!