For the love of libraries

Issue 1396


At The Big Issue we never tire of making the case for the lifechanging power of libraries. Filmmaker Emilio Estevez is on the same page, and for his latest film, The Public, he’s gone back to the library. It’s a serious film, and he makes no apologies for that. He even invited some of Cincinnati’s central library’s homeless patrons to work as extras.

Also inside…

  • University Challenge star Bobby Seagull loves libraries too. It’s where he started working out that massive brain of his.
  • Robbie Robertson says his younger self wouldn’t believe the life he’s had. Dylan, Scorsese and all the friends he’s lost from The Band.
  • Have nurses been told to stop calling patients ‘ladies’? Liam Geraghty sorts the fact from the fiction.
  • If being a cleaner’s such a noble profession, why don’t we pay them properly? John Bird has some points to make about our lowest paid.
  • It must be time for another Jane Austen adaptation, surely. Adrian Lobb speaks to the director and young stars of Emma and Graeme Virtue reviews this newest take.
  • Our My Pitch vendor is Jinx Sandeman, who sells the magazine in Bristol. After a horribly tough start to life, he’s developed a remarkable attitude and believes The Big Issue has been a godsend. It lets him stay true to his core beliefs of working for a living.

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