• From guilty pleasure to national treasure… It’s Rylan!

From guilty pleasure to national treasure… It’s Rylan!

Issue 1386

From guilty pleasure to national treasure… It’s Rylan!

He is everywhere at the moment – presenting at least one show on at least two channels every day – so it’s no surprise that man of the moment Rylan is on the cover of The Big Issue too! Inside he talks about becoming an unlikely political spokesman and explains the Brexit crisis using a very illuminating hair dye analogy.

Adam Kay is the junior doctor turned bestselling author of This Is Going to Hurt and current chart-topper The Nightshift Before Christmas. He writes about the realities facing the NHS.

And we list even more politicians who have back the Future Generations pledge.

But perhaps the most interesting feature next week is Weston-super-Mare vendor Robin talking about his trainset! Rod Stewart would be jealous.

Also inside…

  • This week’s Letter To My Younger Self is actor, director, famous son and sibling Emilio Estevez who tells us what it was like to grow up with Martin Sheen as a dad and Charlie as a brother. We also have vendors from street papers around the world offering advice to their younger selves. Chuck Norris features.
  • Chris Kamara has released a Christmas album, oh yes, and he shares his musical inspirations. Unbelievable!
  • This week’s My Pitch vendor is Daniel in Greenock who enjoys the flexibility selling gives him because it lets him look after his four-year-old daughter
  • Plus: Why do we hiccup?


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