From Maggie to Marcus

Issue 1465

From Maggie to Marcus

A history of school dinners

Fifty years ago this week, Margaret Thatcher (then education secretary) gained a ruthless reputation after snatching the milk from schoolchildren. This week we look at what happened next. Jamie Oliver tells us about taking on turkey twizzlers and looks forward to what has to happen to ensure kids aren’t going hungry in the UK.

Cladding scandal

As we approach the four year anniversary of the devastating Grenfell fire we look at the lives still impacted. Survivor Antonio Roncolato shares his views on the ongoing enquiry and we meet people trapped in unsafe homes while arguments continue about who should be paying to upgrade fire safety standards in thousands of properties.

Also inside

  • Former Labour leader Ed Miliband gives a frank Letter To My Younger Self talking about the upside of not being PM
  • As we warm up for the Euros kick-off, robotic striker Peter Crouch tells us what life is like for a player at a big tournament
  • Millicent Simmonds, star of A Quiet Place 2 says people with a disability don’t need anyone else to play the hero
  • As Carers Week begins, we tell you how to access support many may be missing out on
  • And one of the first to know about the wedding of the year (Boris & Carrie) was Big Issue vendor Adrian who has a pitch nearby. He tells us what he witnessed…

Plus much more!

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