From Spaced to the stars

Issue 1522

From Spaced to the stars

Simon Pegg
The actor has cameoed in Star Wars and served on the Starship Enterprise. But, he says in a Letter To My Younger Self, no out of this world adventure compared to the moment his daughter was born to the soundtrack of his favourite band, The Beatles.

How staycations killed the rental market
For every home to rent in a UK tourist hot spot, there are hundreds of short-term holiday lets. We investigate the impact everyone liking to be beside the seaside is having on local communities.

Bird flu
A vicious strain of avian flu is putting our seabird population at risk and immediate action is needed. Could better reporting help control it?

Also inside

  • A glorious Big Pic of the Carina Nebula as seen by the James Webb telescope
  • How 30,000 people have waited over 10 years for social housing
  • How art auctions are housing vendors of a German street paper
  • Fifty years after Watergate, constant political scandal has diluted its significance
  • Robin Ince meets Americans who thinks their rights will be threatened next
  • A concerto written for plastic bags, bottles and crinkly high-vis jackets
  • How electric cars will steer global geopolitics over the next decades
  • And Bristol vendor Bob wants to prevent climate change because he’s concerned about his granddaughter

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