ISSUE 1353

‘Game of Thrones changed my life’: Meet the farmer, the superfan and the three-eyed raven

They know him as the animal man of Northern Ireland. This week we meet Kenny Gracey – the medieval livestock owner whose life has been transformed by the hit TV series Game Of Thrones.

It’s not just on-screen talent that has felt the Thrones effect – its success has pumped million into Northern Ireland’s economy. For farmer Kenny, Thrones saved his business.

Inside this week

  • Our Letter To My Younger Self is with Michael Ball. It’s a cracking read about how a gig for Miss England helped him overcome panic attacks.
  • Our Changemaker is James McNaught, the House of Lords doorkeeper who also runs a UK charity called Cancer on Board.
  • Dani Garavelli digs into to Britain’s secret shame: Funeral poverty.
  • Vendor opening and closing proceedings is Robin Price. He’s spent 28 years on the street, and is making leaps and bounds with The Big Issue.

There’s much more of course.