• Gary Oldman – In conversation with a British icon

Gary Oldman – In conversation with a British icon

Issue 1087

Gary Oldman – In conversation with a British icon

In this week’s Big Issue…

Gary Oldman, one of the great actors of our time, has a reputation as a cranky, tough-to-crack and very private interviewee. It’s a treat and a surprise, then, to find him unguarded, reflective and playful. He tells Jane Graham about the moments and memories that brought most joy. The Beatles are involved.

Photojournalist Cinzia D’Ambrosi has been recording the lives of people stuck in B&Bs and non-permanent accommodation as part of a study of where the nation is now. We carry some of her great, arresting photos.

And more, of course…

Our Letter To My Younger Self is with well-known army veteran, Simon Weston. Injured and disfigured during the Falklands war, Weston has been a fearless commentator on military issues. He considers the physical and mental changes his injuries have brought, and also on whether he’d sign up if he had his time again.

Comedy heavyweight Harry Shearer is concerned by the rise in governmental snooping on people across the world. However, he says, this is nothing compared to the operation of Richard Nixon – so paranoid, he constantly recorded himself. This is a great piece from Derek Smalls.

John Bird considers the lost art of conversation and just how we can keep it alive. Incidentally, the chief was named a hero this week by David Cameron. Amongst the PM’s other heroes are Churchill, Thatcher and Botham. We have constructed an image of how this might look if this were a dinner-party get together. Now that’s some party.

Brendan O’Neill says it’s not just UKIP cranks who think the weather is an act of God. And that we should all take a step back.

Elsewhere, our featured vendor is Fergie McIver in Edinburgh. She’s 68, she’s been through the mill and is finally finding some sort of equilibrium selling The Big Issue. And we have details for The Big Sell Off, the event at the start of February that will see celebs and business big shots try selling The Big Issue on the streets of Glasgow and Edinburgh.

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