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George Michael – a Big Issue tribute including a classic interview from our archives

Issue 1238


In this week’s issue…

At The Big Issue, we’re proud that George Michael felt comfortable to speak openly to us ahead of others – as he did on several occasions. By doing so, he developed an important friendship and, crucially, helped thousands of our vendors hugely. From today, we publish this special Big Issue tribute. Inside, Big Issue founder and Editor-in-Chief John Bird remembers how the seeds of this unique and special relationship were sown. We also carry George Michael’s first world exclusive interview with The Big Issue, originally published in November 1996.

Also this week…

Marius de Vries has produced albums for Björk and David Bowie, was music director on Moulin Rouge! and Oscar-favourite (and big Golden Globe winner) La La Land. Writing exclusively for The Big Issue, he explains why musicals have still got the moves.

We also sit down with Andrea Riseborough, Britain’s most interesting actress. “A Geordie punk who started out in classical theatre,” as she described herself. Riseborough also offered some very kind words on why The Big Issue is her favourite publication. Yes she did.

Discover Unforgettable, the online shop that specialises in gadgets designed for people living with dementia. Its sales increased fourfold last month – a reflection of the increase in dementia sufferers in the UK.

Actor Kris Marshall, best known for his roles in Love Actually and Death in Paradise, reflects on fame, fatherhood and fighting back in his Letter To My Younger Self. “If you are still kicking, you are still fighting,” he says.

And as always, lots, lots more.