How to get lost – the joy of switching off

Issue 1264

How to get lost – the joy of switching off

In this week’s bumper 56-page Big Issue… the summer getaways special!

  • Why being outdoors is really good for your brain – and leaving the satnav or smartphone behind is a very good thing
  • Author and walker Rebecca Solnit explores what it means to ‘get lost
  • How to use a compass – all the basics, courtesy of the Ramblers
  • What is modern nature? Everything from crabs’ coffins to weapons made of sticks, as chosen by the great British public
  • Find out what particular parts of the country mean most to a host of Big Issue vendors and celebs, including: Ray Mears, Cerys Matthews, Christian O’Connell, Charlie Boorman and many more

Also in this week’s magazine:

  • The very best picks of the summer’s books for adults and kids
  • Mary J Blige, r’n’b legend, shares her Letter to my Younger Self and talks about what drove her to get out of the Bronx
  • David Lynch’s artworks are dissected in Film
  • Robin Ince rejoices in A Good Read on the radio, and celebrates the awesome Kathy Burke
  • Singing the praises of small classical festivals around the UK
  • In My Pitch our vendor Glynn Weir shares the beauty of Bath and has some innovative ideas about how to help homeless people

Plus, as always, much much more…