Ghost Towns: Vendors’ views on the streets

Issue 1479

Ghost Towns: Vendors’ views on the streets

Ghost towns

Our vendors are on the frontline when it comes to the decline of the high street. The pandemic has worsened a crisis that was already being experienced across the country as poverty increases while housing is harder to secure. Laura Kelly travelled to one of Britain’s hardest hit areas to find out from vendors and community activists the challenges they face and their ideas to overcome them. This feature is accompanied by a couple of great video reports so do check them out on Monday.

Shaun Ryder

He’s gone from drug-munching, melon-twisting Happy Mondays frontman to Gogglebox-starring national treasure. We speak to him about the steps he’s taken on that journey.

Also inside

  • Kindertransport refugee Baron Dubs says the Afghanistan crisis highlights how we have to change our approach to the asylum system
  • Homeless football is coming home as the Homeless World Cup holds its first tournament since 2019
  • A message to Terry Hall’s younger self as The Specials singer explains how a life of protest gave him a reason to believe
  • Jake Bugg revisits the council estate where he grew up in Nottingham to find out how life is now in the UK’s poorest city
  • A look at the sublime submariners of Vigil
  • Plus our vendor Lewis in Cardiff shows off his parkour skills!

And much more!

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