Ghosts of Christmas presence

Issue 1491

Ghosts of Christmas presence


Warm hearted and frightfully funny, the sitcom Ghosts and its cast of dysfunctional phantoms has won over the nation. We speak to the show’s stars Charlotte Ritchie and Martha Howe-Douglas to find out why they’re tackling an issue close to our heart in their Christmas special

Michael Sheen

Perhaps the most beloved of British actors, Michael Sheen talks football, women and why he decided to give back to the people of his Welsh hometown in a Letter To My Younger Self

Have an outlandish Outlander Christmas

We speak to Outlander stars Sam Heughan and Graham McTavish about why the Celts know how to celebrate the festive season in style

Why Christmas trees smell

The scent of Christmas trees is a powerful trigger for memories – but how does that work? David George Haskell sniffs out the science

Also inside

  • We report on why a Santa shortage means it doesn’t matter if you’ve been naughty or nice this year
  • Marcus Rashford’s latest campaign to provide book clubs for kids, plus other news and views in The Dispatch
  • The stories that your Christmas dinner staples tell about Brexit and the pandemic
  • Comedian and author Mark Watson reminds us – as if we need reminding – that fame and success don’t solve mental health issues
  • Ed Miliband explains that even after a disappointing COP26 he still has hope
  • YouTube star Munya Chawawa on starting a conversation about race around Britain
  • A whole column on Jason Statham!
  • John Bird asks whether the concept of Universal Basic Income would lead to the state having more control over us
  • How to have a merry Christmas – without breaking the bank
  • And Bristol vendor Gabriel shares his dreams of running his own business

Plus lots more!