Go with the Flo

Issue 1401

Go with the Flo

Hand-washing, hygiene and properly recording the number of people catching viruses is what 2020 is becoming all about, but it was actually Florence Nightingale who shouted about the importance of these things in the first place. Two hundred years after the pioneering nurse’s birth, we look at how her legacy is still having a major impact when it comes to controlling the spread of disease and caring for patients.

Cash Carraway wrote a bestselling book, Skint Estate, about being a single parent in the age of austerity. With Mother’s Day fast approaching, she tells us how can we make sure we support single parents experiencing poverty.

Also inside…

  • This week’s Letter To My Younger Self is a close encounter with Jaws star and Oscar winner Richard Dreyfuss who talks about how therapy enabled him to come to terms with a troubled past
  • We investigate how panic buying is affecting foodbanks
  • Fact/Fiction delves into the rash of coronavirus conspiracies
  • Sharon Horgan speaks about going from Catastrophe to choir singing in Military Wives
  • And Jack, who sells in Cardiff, shares his plan to study for a PhD!

Plus, as ever, much more…!

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