ISSUE 1261

Harry Potter at 20 – How the world’s favourite wizard changed everything

Twenty years ago we didn’t know of Hogwart’s, muggles, the joys of quidditch, the fear of Dementors. But a struggling writer JK Rowling began to cast a spell that would transform our world into a far more fantastic place. Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone was published on 26 June 1997. Two decades on the power of Rowling’s spell continues to enchant. Over the years The Big Issue has been keeping track of all things Potter. This week, we look at some of the fascinating stories about the phenomenon and its impact upon our future.

Also this week:

  • New nursing applicants from the EU have dropped 96 per cent. Writing exclusively for The Big Issue, a doctor writes about the escalating health crisis – and worries that we won’t really know what we’ve got until it’s gone.
  • Brendan Gleeson – another Harry Potter star – highlights the importance of his new film Hampstead, which tells the story of Donald Horner, a man living quietly and self-sufficiently off-grid in a shack on the edges of Hampstead Heath.
  • In Letter To My Younger Self, we have ex-Lib Dem leader – and now former MP – Nick Clegg. He discusses some of his regrets during his political tenure. Naturally, the sore topic of tuition fees crops up.

And, as always, much more…