Hidden heroes of Ukraine

Issue 1583

Hidden heroes of Ukraine

In the 500-plus days since Russia invaded Ukraine, the war has become a mainstay in the news. Stories of hope among the horror can be difficult to find, but this week we speak to Father Vitaliy Novak and his team of Depaul Ukraine volunteers and aid workers who are hidden heroes.

Also inside

  • Some of the squalid stories our End Insecure Housing Now campaign has uncovered so far
  • Shoplifting is spiralling. We investigate what is driving the thefts
  • The true stories that served as inspiration for Ken Loach’s new film, The Old Oak
  • Writer Blake Morrison spent his early years wanting to escape from his family – now he writes about them. He examines the reasons why in a Letter To My Younger Self
  • Ellie Goldstein on achieving her supermodel dreams and the importance of twerking
  • Take a gander at our piece on the importance of geese
  • And Bristol vendor Daiana explains how she’s part of a mentoring project that helps fellow vendors

Plus much more!

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