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Hounds of love: The essential bond between homeless people and their dogs

Issue 1488


Dogs on the Street

Pets helped many people through lockdowns and for those experiencing homelessness, the relationship was more important than ever. We spent an afternoon with charity Dogs on the Street to discover how rough sleepers with dogs have navigated the pandemic.

45 years on the NHS frontline

Lee Pearson would say he’s an ordinary person, but that’s what makes him extraordinary. He’s spent 45 years working in hospitals and hospices and his story reflects that of thousands of men and women across the country tirelessly keeping the NHS going despite all the challenges it faces.

Frankie Dettori

He may have been saddled with a wild boy reputation, but the champion jockey says he’s always been a nice guy in a Letter To My Younger Self.

Also inside

  • The Dispatch rounds up news, views and miscellany, including Gary Neville tackling the Premier League over their snub to a homeless awareness campaign (also look out for the climate heavyweights The Big Issue bumped into at COP26!)
  • Patricia Devlin looks at the reality for Northern Ireland in a post-Protocol world
  • John Bird draws a line between Cop and a new Constable exhibition
  • Our Global Roundup includes cocaine hippos, space chilis and the Balloon World Cup
  • Ruth Negga explains why new film Passing is a depressingly prescient story
  • And Rodney in Bournemouth tells us how The Big Issue has helped him get his life together

Plus much more!

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