How mammoths could stop us from going extinct

Issue 1487

How mammoths could stop us from going extinct

With COP26 still in full swing, we take a trip to the Siberian tundra where the impacts of the climate crisis are clear. But perhaps too, the solutions. Pleistocene Park is bringing large mammals to turn the tundra into grazing land like it was back in the last Ice Age to stop the permafrost thawing. Now all we need is a resurrected mammoth.

Remembrance Day

Our vendor Sean McEvoy reflects on his time in the Falklands and how he’s unexpectedly become a diplomat in the missle of UK-Argentinian relations. Plus we look into the reality of veteran homelessness.

Also inside

  • A roundup of news, views and miscellany in The Dispatch, including Paul Chuckle’s 007 plans
  • John Bird says government safety nets are in rerious need or repair
  • How dark money is disrupting climate change campaigns
  • Naga Munchetty lets her younger self know that one day she’ll take up golf
  • It was Kathryn Hahn all along as she talks about her career post-WandaVision
  • And Maricica in Bristol talks about how selling The Big Issue has changed since the pandemic

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