• How the world has changed with Sir David Attenborough

How the world has changed with Sir David Attenborough

Issue 1428

How the world has changed with Sir David Attenborough

Earlier this year, David Attenborough told us all about his new film, A Life On Our Planet, which explores how the world has changed in the course of one single lifetime – little did we know how much the world would change in the next few weeks. In the magazine we revisit the interview, hear what Attenborough has to say about surviving the pandemic, and how it’s still possible to be hopeful about the future.

A walk on the wild side

A few years ago, Raynor Winn and her husband were evicted from their family home. With nowhere to stay, they decided to walk over 600 miles of the South West Coast Path. She emailed The Big Issue to tell us about her unique experience of homelessness and the rural poverty she had encountered. The article helped her get a book deal and The Salt Path has been in the bestselling charts since it was published. With the follow-up book, The Wild Silence, out this month, she writes again for us about the next step on her journey.

Lockdown with refugees

Peter Hanington opened his home to two Syrian refugees… then lockdown happened. He tells a story of finding friendship, family and a fresh appreciation for chickpeas.

Also inside…

  • We hear from a young single mum whose job – and livelihood – hangs in the balance. It’s families like those that our RORA campaign aims to help
  • Dexys Midnight Runners frontman Kevin Rowland in this week’s Letter To My Younger Self
  • Find out why Rosa Parks’ old house doesn’t have a home
  • Danny Dyer explains how Harold Pinter helped make him “quite an important actor of my generation”
  • We celebrate the spirit of independent publishers with a pick of the best unsung books released this autumn
  • In Fact/Fiction we find out whether sarcasm increases risk of heart attacks. (Yeah, right)
  • Our vendor expert is Gary Phillips who tells us not to fret about our guitar skills
  • My Pitch is with Mike McCall in Cambridge who tells us of his hopes of getting back into farming

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