How to be more Bond

Issue 1482

How to be more Bond


As the latest James Bond film finally hits the big screen, we meet the people behind the scenes that make Bond James Bond. Get home decorating tips from the guys that design the sets, meet the real-life equivalent of Q that develops stunt and gadget ideas. And find out from Bond’s official cocktail consultant about why vodka martini is better shaken than stirred.

Finance special

With furlough ending, hundreds of thousands face uncertainty so this week we take a look at the financial situation. We find the answers to questions like:

Is renationalising the way to fix energy prices? Is cryptocurrency the future of finance? How can we steer young people towards a healthy financial future?

Also inside

  • Queen drummer Roger Taylor talks about Freddie’s perfect trousers and Bowie’s banter
  • What can the UK learn from Biden’s plan to tackle homelessness in the US?
  • Top 5 books for kids who love a giggle, by Matt Lucas
  • How ABBA’s comeback is rolling in the money money money
  • And Gordon from Inverness tells us about being Scotland’s first vendor co-ordinator

Plus lots more!

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