ISSUE 1312

I am your friend: The £700 million insect army

As summer creeps in, so does the number of bugs and beasties. But the reality is our creepy-crawly friends face an unprecedented battle for survival and they need our help.

Also this week…

  • “Fishing has nothing to do with catching fish”: A life-saving triple heart bypass left Bob Mortimer at his lowest ebb. But with the help of his old pal Paul Whitehouse, was shaken out of his torpor by goin’ fishin’.
  • In a Letter To My Younger Self punk reggae pioneer Don Letts tells about his musical epiphany in 1971 and why 16-year-old Don would be delighted at hanging out with Bob Marley
  • As the government plans to sneakily sell off thousands of railways arches across Britain, the fightback begins. Meet the Guardians of the Arches