Ian Wright’s Home Truths

Issue 1460

Ian Wright’s Home Truths

Ian Wright

The England and Arsenal star turned Match of the Day pundit speaks candidly about his experiences growing up in a household where he suffered severe psychological abuse. This week he presents a BBC documentary, Ian Wright: Home Truths, looking into the reality of domestic abuse today, the impact it has on children and the adults they become.

The Four Horsemen

Since ancient times, humanity has been haunted by the spectres represented by the four horsemen of the apocalypse: pestilence, famine, war and death. But for the first time we’re able to effectively fight back! Dr Emily Mayhew tells us about the army of heroes from the worlds of science, tech and diplomacy ready to do battle for all our sakes.

Also inside:

  • Count Binface is a novelty candidate in the London mayoral election (though not the most ridiculous) but even though he’s an intergalactic space warrior with a bucket on his head, his campaign is still highlighting big issues like homelessness
  • John Bird remembers an old friend who came off the Windrush armed with wisdom. We could use a few more like him these days, he writes
  • Rising star Anthony Boyle says the role of a decorated soldier accused of war crimes in Iraq left him conflicted
  • Meet the freewheeling 98-year-old getting on her bike to raise cash to help homeless people
  • A US street paper seller shares his memories of meeting slain Illinois Black Panthers boss Fred Hampton
  • And Bournemouth vendor Rahela tells us how happy she is to be back selling to her customers

Plus much more!