• The most influential man in Britain. How Mr Tumble became an inspiration for a generation

The most influential man in Britain. How Mr Tumble became an inspiration for a generation

Issue 1224

The most influential man in Britain. How Mr Tumble became an inspiration for a generation

Mr Tumble is more than just a slapstick comedy genius who keeps the kids entertained on CBeebies. With his show Something Special Mr Tumble – aka Justin Fletcher – is shaping the minds and attitudes of young viewers with pioneering TV that has inclusivity at its very heart. The four-times Bafta winner and babysitter-in-chief tells The Big Issue why he wants to make a new generation of kinder Brits.

Is Britain becoming nastier?

A slew of recent surveys have shown sharp increases in race, sexist and homophobic hate crime. But is that simple top line really a sign that Britain’s becoming a nastier more hateful place? Adam Forrest investigates.

When Alex Ferguson gives you advice, take it.

In his Letter To My Younger Self former Labour MP Cabinet member Ed Balls tells his teenaged self that he should keep his fitness up, like Fergie advised him to, and should under no circumstances wear that Nazi outfit to a student fancy dress party.

Elsewhere in this week’s magazine:

Damian Barr explains why saving the tiny local library in the village where he – and Labour pioneer Keir Hardie – grew up is absolutely crucial.

John Bird writes about the need for strong personalities and real character in politics.

Louise Gray tells us why she spent a year only eating meat that she had killed with her own hands – graduating from a rabbit to a full-grown stag.

Rage Against The Machine and Public Enemy have joined forces and are playing fundraising gigs across the US for foodbanks and homeless charities. In an interview with a street paper vendor Tom Morello and Chuck D talk of their own close encounters with homelessness, and explain why in this terrible election year they need to ‘Make America Rage Again’.

Gary Younge writes about hidden epidemic of gun crime in America, why he traced the individual stories of every young victim who lost their lives over a 24-hour period, and why middle class white America must wake up and help to end the unseen carnage.

Listen to the beat of your heart, and discover in this week’s Pause feature by Stomp founder Luke Cresswell, why it’s the rhythm that makes the world – and everybody in it – move and feel good.

And our My Pitch vendor Sean Wright, in Bath, who is living in a tent, explains how the people of Bath helped him to find his feet after a tough patch in Yorkshire. He recommends the city’s buskers, and beautifully describes the peace and solitude to be found in fishing.

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