Inside the Tory and Labour party conferences

Issue 1587

Inside the Tory and Labour party conferences

It was like a Carry On film crossed with the Titanic. That’s the scene that Big Issue vendor Will found when, as an invited guest speaker, he entered the Conservative Party conference in Manchester earlier this month. Not to be biased, he also attended the Labour get-together in Liverpool the following week. That was like a picnic in the park in comparison. In this age of political turmoil, this week we cut through the Westminster waffle with Will’s dispatches from the frontline.

Also inside

  • Al Murray explains how the Pub Landlord gave him the chaos he craved in a Letter To My Younger Self
  • Why time is up for Big Pharma’s grip on global health
  • The history of Britain told through cake
  • An interview with Interview With The Vampire star Jacob Anderson
  • Swindon vendor Martin talks about his recent TV experiences
  • And we launch this year’s much-anticipated Christmas Kids Cover Competition!

Plus much more!

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