Is it time to pay binmen more than bankers?

Issue 1352

Is it time to pay binmen more than bankers?

Is the world FINALLY ready for the Davos-annoying, billionaire-baiting, tax-loving, global disruptor? Rutger Bregman wants to change the tax system of the world. He believes in a universal basic income. He believes there is a better economic model for all of us. He scared the life out of the economic power-players and remains an establishment irritant. This week we meet the man himself.

Inside this week

  • Our Letter To My Younger Self is with Kiefer Sutherland. From Lost Boys to 24, he looks at the time that made him
  • Our Changemaker is Katie Sparkes, founder of Flamingo Chicks, an organisation focused on giving disabled kids the same opportunities in dance classes as their non-disabled pals. Brilliant story
  • Steve Newark was serving a life term when he got involved with setting up the first literary festival in prison. He explains how it, and literacy, finally got him ready for release
  • Vendor opening and closing proceedings is Reg Mercer. This is cracking interview

There’s much more of course.

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