It’s Agnetha!

Issue 1051

It’s Agnetha!

Agnetha Faltskog from Abba delivers some advice to her 16-year-old self in a Letter to My Younger Self special…

Also in this week’s Big Issue…

Jason Isaacs reveals what he gave up in fear of ‘man boobs’ in My Week

In the wake of Alex Ferguson’s retirement, Big Issue founder John Bird considers what is required to make a leader… and David Duke recalls how Fergie welcomed players from Duke’s Street Soccer network

A moving, unvarnished 16-year-old girl’s perspective of living with a parent who was spiraling into drug addiction and collapse…

The arrest and possible prison term for Dave Namusanya, editor of The Big Issue Malawi, on allegations of having written a resignation letter from the president

Plus, a Festival Guide, Stooshe, Sam Delaney on The Apprentice, the week’s cultural highlights in your area, Street Lights, competitions, and much more!

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