• When Jarvis met Bowie – A classic Big Issue interview

When Jarvis met Bowie – A classic Big Issue interview

Issue 1188

When Jarvis met Bowie – A classic Big Issue interview

In this weeks issue…Some years ago Damien Hirst guest-edited The Big Issue. For that edition he invited Jarvis Cocker to interview David Bowie about smoking. What followed was a wonderful, warm, ruminative exchange about life, death, addiction and the legacy we leave. It is with joy and sadness that we run it this week. It reinforces why Bowie will be missed.

Our Letter To My Younger Self is with Clarke Peters, a Zelig-like presence in contemporary TV and theatre. He was at school with John Travolta, lived round the corner from Dizzy Gillespie. His is a great story. The Wire features, of course.

John Bird this week looks at the nature of celebrity and memory and celebration of achievement. Who do we settle on and why?

Our featured vendor is Josie Doyle who sells in Bournemouth city centre. After a few rocky years, Josie and her boyfriend (also a vendor) have saved enough selling The Big Issue to rent a studio flat. Things are on the up, she says.

Shazia Mirza is our guest columnist. We’re looking at how ISIS are tempting young girls to run away to them in the wrong way, she says. It’s not about radicalisation, it’s sexualisation. They present themselves as the One Direction of Islam.

As Michael Gove looks to reform the Criminal Justice System in England and Wales he could do worse that investigate a scheme at Low Moss prison outside of Glasgow. Dani Garavelli goes inside to speak to prisoners talking part in a project that allows their families and young children in. If they build bridges now, it’ll be easier when they leave – and the chances of reoffending much less. It’s a fascinating piece.

David McCallum, the man from U.N.C.L.E (and more up to date TV) explains why he’s a big fan of Trump for President; there’s an update on our increasingly famous Bristol vendor Jack and his wedding plans and, amongst much more, there is SPOT THE BALL.

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