• José Mourinho: honest, unguarded. The interview

José Mourinho: honest, unguarded. The interview

Issue 1154

José Mourinho: honest, unguarded. The interview

In this issue…José Mourinho doesn’t do a lot of one to one interviews, preferring to toy with football writers in press conferences until he tires of them. As Chelsea take the title again, our friend and associate David Woods managed to nab José and has him revealing details of who REALLY is the boss, what properly makes him happy and a fun holiday he had going around Scottish castles. Which sounds a lot more Partridge than it is. Another side of a great manager.

Our Letter to My Younger Self is with rock royalty Mick Fleetwood. Like with the José piece, here we get a very different side. He talks with openness and warmth about his RAF aviator father – ‘he was overjoyed that I wanted to do something non-conformist’ – and is very candid about the guilt he feels over his treatment of Peter Green.

As new MPs troop to Westminster, Mhairi Black is the most interesting of them all. Just 20 years old and still completing her degree, she is smart, fearless and she overthrew Labour big beast Douglas Alexander in Paisley. She pens a diary for us on her first few days as the youngest MP since 1667. A force to be reckoned with.

John Bird remembers a rather challenging encounter with some angry builders in a London pub – and considers what Britain might look like had his group of revolutionary Marxists taken over 40 years ago.

Damian Barr is on terrific form, rattling the cage for libraries and explaining why books are a necessity not a luxury.

Our featured vendor this week is Violetta Rada, who works in Hall Green, Birmingham. The Big Issue is helping her build a better life for her children, so they can make a future for themselves.

Also, Adam Forrest investigates whether or not social media is chipping away at British productivity, there is a guide to walking cities at night in our Pause section and Andy Bull tells the incredible rip-roaring tally-ho story of the American gold medal winning bob-sleigh team of 1932.