Local heroes

Issue 1506

Local heroes

Who you gonna call?

Millions risk plunging into poverty as the cost of living soars. As the crisis deepens, we meet the community heroes stepping up to offer a lifeline to those the government has failed to protect.

Global Witness

The founder of Global Witness, Patrick Alley explains why the UK has an oligarch problem and how to fix it.

Also inside

  • How other countries are dealing with the cost of living crisis and meeting the protestors whose actions may soon be outlawed in The Dispatch
  • Why it’s the bystanders and friends of sexual harassers who should be held accountable
  • Claudia Jessie, who plays Eloisa Bridgerton in the Netflix smash turns out to be as big a rebel in real life
  • A celebration of buddleja, blossom of the concrete jungle
  • Why Stanley Tucci’s Italian odyssey is food for the soul
  • And Washington DC vendor Wendell tells us about his street paper, Street Sense, marking its 500th edition

Plus lots more!