Look Who’s on the cover!

Issue 1044

Look Who’s on the cover!

Snow drifting, winds whipping, power out and roads closing – must be springtime, Easter in fact, and so ripe for a Big Issue Doctor Who on-set visit and cover.

What does the 50th anniversary bring for Doctor Who? What’s the score with his new assistant? These questions and more are answered as Adrian Lobb, who knows about such things, heads to see the new series being filmed and talks to Matt Smith, new companion Jenna-Louise Coleman and current boss Steven Moffat.

Also in this week’s Big Issue… 

Viggo Mortensen provides a Letter To My Younger Self, in which he addresses ancient Greek heroes, feeling like an outsider all the time growing up and an ambivalent attitude to drug use.

John Bird this week looks to the Chancellor and his penny off a pint, ending with with a Swiftian rhetorical flourish.

Rachel Stevens details a working week. Staff parties for Next and trips to Ethiopia are involved.

Brendan O’Neill moves from last week’s defence of Justin Bieber to full fisted assault on Twitter.

Charles Bradley, the greatest soulman you’ve never heard, is interviewed. If there is any justice at all, you’ll be hearing a lot about him as he’s set to release a cracker of an album that marries the Philly sound with Solomon Burke-style soul shouting. His story of privation, homelessness and years on the outside scrambling to get heard is a movie in the making.

And our featured vendor Shane, from Cardiff, talks about why he has his dream job.