• Losing Dory. Battling Hollywood’s big pet hunt

Losing Dory. Battling Hollywood’s big pet hunt

Issue 1215

Losing Dory. Battling Hollywood’s big pet hunt

In this weeks issue…The success of Finding Nemo led to such a surge in global demand for clownfish there were worries about the species being wiped out. The fears over blue tang (that’s Dory to you and me) are even more pronounced, as Finding Dory is released. We discover the people trying to save them, and look at how Hollywood has put pressures on species from Lassie onwards. And what happens when the demand dies back.

The housing crisis continues to grow – with homeless numbers accelerating and those trapped in hugely expensive rented places unable to move on. We investigate whether microhomes – internal area of just over two snooker tables – could provide a response.

As a new biopic of doomed jazz legend Chet Baker opens, Chris Sullivan explains how getting to know Baker and seeing the ravages of heroin helped him kick his own habit.

Our Letter To My Younger Self is with veteran minister Malcolm Rifkind. He is fascinating about the reality of life inside Margaret Thatcher’s cabinet and also about his enduring adoration for Gorbachev.

Post-Brexit, it’s time to have a serious discussion about immigration, says John Bird in forthright form. We need to talk without fear about the big benefits and the problems, he says.

Dry your eyes about ‘electability’, says Brendan O’Neill. This new buzzword rising around the Labour election campaign is stopping the politics of big ideas.

Meanwhile, sports broadcasting legend Hazel Irvine explains why she is obsessed with Kate Bush.

Our featured vendor this week is Graham Grenfell who sells at Canon Street in central London. He lost his flat before Christmas and is working his way back now. He’s a Palace fan but his mum name him after Arsenal legend George Graham, which must rankle…