Love and hope

Issue 1511

Love and hope

The Outsiders project
Unsafe houses, rough sleepers and the hidden homeless are brought into focus in a new photography series by Marc Davenant. When he started his Outsiders Project a couple of years ago, little did he know he’d be documenting a critical time over the pandemic. A couple of vendors feature too!

With local elections imminent, we meet the independents hoping to shake up the political system, and look at how things actually did get better (but subsequently a lot worse) following Labour’s landslide victory 25 years ago. Plus, why we really need to keep an eye on Stormont as the most important vote in recent Northern Irish history takes place.

Also inside:

  • Parminder Nagra says in a Letter To My Younger Self that she realised how famous she was when George Clooney turned up at her birthday party
  • Solar power panels that work in the dark and how indigenous people are best placed to protect the environment in Global Roundup
  • French megastar Sophie Marceau talks about hoping romance always remains a mystery
  • Matthew Williams explains the science behind hate and why it’s on the rise
  • Hugh at St Paul’s says he’d like to sell The Big Issue until he’s 100!

And much more!

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