Make your vote Count (Binface)

Issue 1622

Make your vote Count (Binface)

As the country prepares to vote in the general election, Count Binface writes about why he may be a spoof candidate but he highlights a serious issue – that anybody (even an intergalactic space warrior) being able to stand for office is a sign of a healthy democracy – and worth defending.

Also inside

  • Last time there was a large Labour landslide, they almost eradicated rough sleeping. We bring the inside story on how that happened
  • How teachers are forced to choose which children with special needs get help as the funding crisis worsens
  • Among all the noise made about migration, 22 facts and figures that will inform any debate you’re forced to have with friends or family trying to sway your vote
  • Author Ben Aitken helps us rediscover fun after a sometimes bleak election campaign
  • Former Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams wishing he’d been a less puritanical teen in a Letter To My Younger Self
  • How hosting Euro 2024 has allowed Germany to show its various faces
  • Karen Gillan explains how imposter syndrome she’s felt informed her new role in Douglas is Cancelled
  • And our vendors take their demand for an end to poverty to the top ahead of 4 July

Plus much more!

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