Matilda the Musical

Issue 1540

Matilda the Musical

Ho ho ho!

At Big Issue, we like to start Christmas early. It’s a key time for our vendors. Our run of bumper editions allows them to earn more at a difficult time.

We start with a cover of joy and defiance. The new Tim Minchin movie adaptation of his stage musical adaptation of Dahl’s much-loved tale is about to light up cinemas. He tells us why the spark of revolution and standing p for what is right is a message for now, and for the ages.

Also inside

  • 80 years from Beveridge’s report that suggested how cradle to grave care could help all of society, we investigate whether the system it inspired is still fit for purpose. And what might possibly be needed next
  • The shocking murder of her son Stephen thrust Doreen Lawrence into the spotlight, and led to her becoming an advocate for race equality and for societal change. In a rare personal interview, she movingly reveals what she’d wished she’d been able to tell her son
  • Andrey Kurkov became an international sensation with the publication of his anti-totalitarian classic Death and The Penguin. A proud Ukrainian and Kyiv resident, he details what life is like when you’re under the Russian onslaught. He also has some very warm words about a particular ex-PM.
  • As the impact of the Autumn Statement shakes down, we lay out the real cost of an austerity approach
  • Plus Nick tells us what it’s like selling The Big Issue in Truro with his much-loved dog Bryony

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