Meet Bex and Rainbow

Issue 1578

Meet Bex and Rainbow

Together Bex Grass and her border collie Rainbow sell The Big Issue in Exeter. Their incredible journey speaks of the support that dogs can provide at the toughest times. It begins when Bex was made homeless a couple of years ago. The only positive was that she had her dog Poppy who went from being a family pet to an essential source of support. But tragically Poppy was killed by a car. What happened next, what led her to Rainbow, is a remarkable story that you can read about in this week’s Big Issue!

Also inside

  • The campaign to keep people experiencing homelessness housed with their animal companions in honour of a lost friend
  • How people with assistance dogs are being discriminated against because landlords view them as pets
  • The British farmers fighting for food security
  • Dawn Butler made political history, now she’s campaigning to change the system
  • A new plan to support single parents with childcare, supported by Big Issue Recruit
  • And a column from a street paper vendor in Nashville outlines the importance of independent media and why you should always support your own local vendor!

Plus much more!

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