Michael Bublé

Issue 1558

Michael Bublé

It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new edition of The Big issue that will have you feeling good! Yes, beloved crooner Michael Bublé is getting back in the swing of things. The four-time Grammy award-winner from Canada could have been an ice-hockey player or a journalist. But from a young age he knew that his singing gift was something special. He looks back on a life filled with love, music and family in a moving Letter To My Younger Self.

Fighting for the rights of tied workers

There is a severe shortage of qualified carers in Britain. Yet each year, around 20,000 domestic and care workers are brought to the UK to work in private households on a scheme that leaves them open to exploitation. We investigate how, if they were allowed to freely work, they could help to fix our social care crisis.

Also inside

  • We remember the bravery of John Hume, a man who fought for peace as the Good Friday Agreement turns 25
  • How Rishi Sunak’s anti-social behaviour action plan is “dressing old laws up in new clothes”
  • Did you know you can become richer by buying a yacht?! Plus other tax secrets that keep the rich getting richer while leaving the rest of us behind
  • When will the cost-of-living crisis end? (not until 2028…)
  • The essential and timely subversiveness of Noël Coward
  • New TV show The Power imagines a shocking world where women have developed the ability to electrocute men
  • Why The Succession hits home because we’re all members of the Roy clan, really
  • And Plymouth vendor Shane shares his remarkable story – essential reading

Plus much more!

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