My Dog Sighs

Issue 1572

My Dog Sighs

This week’s cover has been created by acclaimed street artist My Dog Sighs, who has also curated a special look at how art reclaims the lost, from entire areas in decline to rusty tin cans and a shuttered Sainsbury’s.

Also inside

  • Living with the aftermath of the Grenfell tragedy and the new play which aims to share the burden of fighting for justice among us all
  • What happens when you ask 12 strangers to decide how to spend £100,000 to improve their local area?
  • Beneath the all-business exterior, Deborah Meaden loves a laugh as she delivers a Letter To My Younger Self
  • Eighties icon Susanna Hoffs talks about relationships with Michael J Fox and Price and says that all bands should have a therapist
  • After 60 years of songwriting, country goddess Dolly Parton is getting political
  • And vendor Easton explains that despite retiring a couple of years ago, he’s back by popular demand!

Plus much more…

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