• Nancy Sinatra’s bringing the love for Valentine’s Day

Nancy Sinatra’s bringing the love for Valentine’s Day

Issue 1448

Nancy Sinatra’s bringing the love for Valentine’s Day

At this time, it would never be ‘something stupid’ to tell your nearest and dearest: “I love you” so we’ve got Nancy Sinatra and a whole bunch of hopeful treats on the cover to spread a bit of positivity!

Nancy Sinatra

Used to walking all over people, the Sixties icon says that, despite the surname, she never had the confidence to chase a big career in a frank Letter To My Younger Self

Feelgood List

Readers share the activities that are getting through lockdown to inspire you – Bob Ross features, which is exciting news for any fans of happy little clouds

David Lammy

The Labour MP explains why he loves The Big Issue and shares the personal and political reasons he’s on board as our newest Brand Ambassador

And they call it puppy love…

Our vendor expert Steve Dixon gives his top tips on toilet training your dog!

Darren McGarvey

The award-winning writer is fronting a new documentary investigating the class divide and its pervasive effects

Will Herbert

Vendor Will Herbert talks about missing the friendships he has with customers


Find out what’s behind the rise and fall of the strongman populist leaders of Latin America, how music can give us sonic healing and why WandaVision demonstrates that love conquers all

Also, in Fact/Fiction… can spinach really send emails?

All this and more in the next Big Issue!

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