Ode to JOY!

Issue 1393

Ode to JOY!

It’s Blue Monday this week, but not for readers of The Big Issue!

We share the secret of universal happiness in this week’s magazine, talking to economist Richard Layard about how the government needs to pick policy that focuses on improving the wellbeing of the nation. A country’s success shouldn’t be measured by GDP, he argues, but the overall happiness of citizens.

Tied to this, we look at how corporations are pushing for purpose over profit to make their employees happier – but also how big business still has big problems when it comes to the inherent financial malpractice built into the market.

Other things inside to spread happiness…

  • This week’s Letter To My Younger Self is Maxine Peake who remembers, among other things, her days of being a lifeguard at the local leisure centre alongside Paddy McGuinness.
  • We meet the man who is sleeping rough in Davos to remind world leaders about homelessness.
  • The complete guide to all of the current political party leadership elections that you didn’t know you needed to know.
  • Vendor David Bailey tells us about his pitch in Leicester train station.

Plus: We get a vendor’s tour of Salzburg, find out why we still need to be talking about the dangers of fascism and ask: Does going to the cinema counts as a workout?

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