One Upon a Time in the West Midlands

Issue 1609

One Upon a Time in the West Midlands

This Town creator Steven Knight, music makers Kae Tempest and Dan Carey and actor Eve Austin tell us about BBC One’s ambitious new series about a band coming together against the backdrop of early 1980s social unrest in Coventry and Birmingham

Also inside

  • The scoop on Scoop as Gillian Anderson, Rufus Sewell, Keeley Hawes and Billie Piper discuss the drama based on Prince Andrew’s PR disaster
  • Mhairi Black was the youngest MP elected in 200 years. Less than a decade later she tells us how the system has tired her out
  • Nish Kumar wonders the impact of Sunak, Braverman and Patel being the most prominent British-Asians in the UK
  • The makers of Oscar-nominated Io Capitano on bringing chilling reality of a migrant’s journey home
  • The saga of how we revealed a hidden statue of Harry Kane to the world
  • And the story of how a California street paper rose again

Plus much more!

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