Peaky Blinders

Issue 1500

Peaky Blinders

A Knight’s Tale

Peaky Blinders creator and writer Steven Knight reflects on the TV classic that has rewritten the rules of television, and star Sophie Rundle talks about the spooky parallels between historic fiction and what’s happening in the UK today. The great cover illustration is by Charlie Davis.

Jon Ronson

From Brexit and Covid guidelines to what books are taught in schools, we’ve all been drawn into a battle between different, uncompromising, ideologies. Acclaimed author and journalist Jon Ronson helps us navigate the quagmire.

Also inside

  • Artistic toilet seats, lovelorn macaques, the Housing Minister merry-go-round and Sadio Mané feature in The Dispatch’s roundup of news, views and miscellany
  • Bona fide TV legend Tyne ‘Lacey from Cagney & Lacey’ Daly says she has screen success and Dolly Parton to thank for her freedom of choice in a Letter To My Younger Self
  • How country star Garth Brooks has become an unlikely hero in the realm of music streaming
  • Hundreds of years ago, people were recorded as dying of ‘evil’ or being ‘planet struck’ – how we died in the past explains how we live now, explains Andrew Doig
  • And Richard Rowe, who designed the cover of the vendor takeover magazine last year, tells us more about his art

Plus much more!