Psst… This stuff happened, too

Issue 1062

Psst… This stuff happened, too

 In this week’s Big Issue…

 Diets, doctors say, in some areas of Britain are worse than at any time since rationing. So we decided to conduct an experiment, to visit some of the places with the highest rates of poverty and obesity and see what fresh food was available there. We walked a mile in each area (one in Scotland, north England, Wales, southern England and London), stopped in every shop and noted availability of fresh produce and price. A fascinating snapshot emerges. In addition, we’ve got popular blogger Jack Monroe (A Girl Called Jack) with advice on living on a budget – and some of her own story.

A baby was born this week, named after Northern Ireland’s greatest ever footballer. Which is nice. And while we refuse to join the chorus of naysayers getting on high horses about volume of coverage given over to the arrival of a future king, we do worry that some stories may have slipped under the radar during the days of mania – and they should be addressed. So, enjoy the timeline that easily marries important changes to the Care Bill, Luther’s coat and some amazing things our vendors have done.

And there’s more…

The Letter To My Younger Self this week is a humdinger. Comedian Reginald D Hunter wants to tell the younger Reg to “slow down”. He feels like a man out of time and has plans to outbreed the “psychotics”.

John Bird is away this week. Into the breach steps Lord Patel, one of the key architects of the aforementioned Care Bill. He explains why it’s a key piece of legislation that rarely gets a mention.

Rachel Johnson, meanwhile, considers men, royal heirs and pubic dye. Now that’s a column!

Our featured vendor is Marius Bojor in Dorset. A man who puts in a shift, he works up to 12 hours a day selling the Issue. And despite the difficulties of his own situation, he still tries to send money from what he earns to family in Romania.

There is much much else, amongst it Michael Morpurgo detailing the doubts he had at first when he heard War Horse was to be adapted for the stage; Paul Roberts, curator at the British Museum, talks through his working week; there is a celebration of cracking new US TV show Ray Donovan; and you can also play spot the Dostoyevsky. Curiously, he pops up three times this week.

The Big Issue

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