ISSUE 1378

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This week it’s our Bookshop Day special

Celebrate your bookshop – it’s the beating heart of the high street, and with Bookshop Day taking place on October 5 we bang the drum for these purveyors of wonder. There’s also a helpful guide to the best of the day’s events.

Also inside…

  • For this week’s Letter To My Younger Self artist Gerald Scarfe on how a sick and lonely childhood brought out the dark edge in his art – for which Pink Floyd fans are forever grateful
  • Sean Bean on how his latest role sees him showing a different kind of courage
  • In this week’s Fact/Fiction we find out whether it’s true that students in Sheffield have been forced to attend climate change classes
  • Discover which pop legend and former Glastonbury headliner is giving Big Issue vendors a hand up

And lots more!

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