Reasons to be Cheerful

Issue 1430

Reasons to be Cheerful

A brand new edition of The Big Issue magazine is always a reason to be cheerful, but if that isn’t enough we’re also bringing you a guide of the people and communities (and quite a few dogs) lifting spirits in tough times.

Idles & Stewart Lee

With one of the biggest selling albums of the year hitting the top of the charts this week, Idles have established themselves as one of the most important – and outspoken – bands in Britain. They chat to fan and professional provocateur Stewart Lee about politics, performing and how to make change in changed days.

Gordon Brown

PM during the last major economic crisis, Gordon Brown came up with a plan to prevent the financial system from total collapse. This week he writes for The Big Issue about his plans to safeguard jobs this time around. He also throws his weight behind our RORA campaign.

Also inside…

  • When the going gets tough, we present Billy Ocean. In his Letter To My Younger Self he explains how he set his dreams in motion and let nothing stand in his way.
  • Hayley Squires broke through playing Katie in Ken Loach’s searing I, Daniel Blake. Now starring in Channel 4’s Adult Material she tells us why she’s still fighting the good political fight.
  • Vendor Expert Richard Todd shares tips on growing herbs through winter, and My Pitch sees Simone in Plymouth explaining how selling has given her new focus and a new group of friends.
  • And you can find out what preppers have for dinner, whether parrots can teach each other to swear and answer quiz questions set this week by Jeremy Vine.

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