• Refugee Special Edition: The long way to a better life

Refugee Special Edition: The long way to a better life

Issue 1476

Refugee Special Edition: The long way to a better life

Going beyond the unfolding refugee crisis in Afghanistan 

The terrors faced by so many in Afghanistan have focused minds on the necessity of welcoming people from some of the worst imaginable situations. But this week’s special issue is not just a response to that unfolding crisis. 

This edition is about presenting the reality and the truth. We wanted unfiltered details from those who had been refugees, fleeing for their lives, those who were inside the system and those who are through it now. These are their stories. These are their voices. 

Also inside 

  • Gulwali Passarlay fled Afghanistan when he was just 12 years old to escape the Taliban and survived a treacherous journey to the UK. Now an author, he tells Jane Graham about his life since in a unique Letter To My Younger Self
  • Detention centres and barracks are no place to house refugees. Refugees At Home’s Areeq Osman tells us why pairing people with refugee guests restores faith in humanity
  • Journalist William Gomes breaks down the problems with the complex Nationality and Borders Bill
  • What was lockdown life like for young migrants who already had plenty of restrictions placed on them? London-based Brighter Futures’ picture journal shares their lockdown stories
  • Malcolm Jack finds out about the refugee music group who released their first song this year. Glasgow group Musicians in Exile connects and asylum seekers who can play music but no longer have contact with other musicians or access to instruments
  • Around the world, street papers like The Big Issue offer a hand up to people experiencing homelessness, including refugees. One woman tells us why she sells Swiss street paper Surprise in Münchenstein in an international My Pitch 

Plus much more! 

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