Remembering George Michael

Issue 1517

Remembering George Michael

George Michael

In 1996, George Michael bared his soul to us in an exclusive interview, beginning a close friendship with The Big Issue. As a classic album is reissued and film hits the cinema, we look back on that relationship and offer a glimpse into some rarely seen images of the much-missed music icon.

Grenfell remembered

Five years after tragedy took 72 lives, we take a look at what’s changed – and what still needs to change – speaking to survivors, members of the community and reporting on the ongoing inquiry.

Also inside

  • The largest trial of a four-day working week gets underway
  • Five ways we can design a better future from our latest BetterPod episode
  • How the situation in Ukraine proves the repercussions of World War II remain
  • A love story between Swedish street paper vendors
  • Steve Lamacq says he’s still doing the same as his 16-year-old self
  • And Lukacs in Bristol says he wants to change society’s view on migrants

Plus much more!

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