Remembering World War One: A New View

Issue 1114

Remembering World War One: A New View

In this issue… John Bird marshals resources and delivers a cracking special edition looking at World War 1. First, John first considers why it was a necessary war. He goes back to Napoleon and looks at why a German victory would have been as damaging for the Kaiser as for the rest of the world. Then, he takes a look at what the war delivered – the horrors that kick-started modernity. And what must be properly learned.

The bodies of unknown soldiers are still being found in fields of Northern France. There is an army department assigned with identifying, tracking down and alerting family and then burying the bodies properly. Steven MacKenzie investigates this fascinating part of the story.

Psychological problems were first identified as shellshock in soldiers returning from the front in WW1. A century on, the treatment of PTSD is a key part of care for a number of ex-servicemen. Adam Forrest talks to some of our vendors who are coming to terms with it and moving out the other side.

There will be a lot of pieces written about the War in this centenary week, though none will offer this sort of perspective.

Also this week, we bring the funny, the summer funny…

Nancy Dell’Olio – socialite, dancer, still best known as Sven’s ex, delivers her Letter To My Younger Self. For reasons you’ll discover, this is worth reading.

Sam Delaney reveals details of his past as a high-powered player at the top table of British politics. He taught Ed Miliband everything he knows.

We talk to James Buckley, the actor (and Mod) who gives The Inbetweeners its soul.

In the Scottish edition, there is also a preview of Edinburgh Festivals. There will be more of this business online.

Our featured vendor telling their story in My Pitch is Ahmed Abdi, who works just down from Sherlock Holmes’ house on Baker Street. He is beating depression and booze to get himself together. And he’s multi-lingual and supports United. So, he is in many ways a star.