Ring in the old – it’s 2024!

Issue 1596

Ring in the old – it’s 2024!

New Year brings a new opportunity to take stock, perhaps consider a new job. Roughly one-third of us are unhappy with our role in life, according to data from recruitment site Indeed.

With uncertainty in the economy and the rise in AI, re-evaluating careers could be on the cards for many. So have you considered carving clogs?

In the latest Big Issue, we meet the craftspeople who went back to the future for a career off the beaten track. A milliner, neon artist, watchmaker, a fairground sign painter.

Also inside

  • Do your resolutions fizzle out as soon as you make them? It turns out that, annoyingly, the cliched wellbeing tips actually work
  • Take a trip around the world to find out the big stories from international street papers and what their vendors have to say
  • Jonathan Pie’s vitriolic take on politics has chimed with the times – we ask him what to expect from 2024
  • Will the cost of living crisis finally make us all go vegan?
  • From ghosts to gladiators, looking forward to the pick of next year’s flicks and the nest shows to binge-watch over the holidays
  • As more historic hotspots are closing, how our Venue Watch is keeping an eye on vital music spaces

Plus much more!

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