Rita Ora and Fatboy Slim

Issue 1560

Rita Ora and Fatboy Slim

In a world exclusive, global superstar Rita Ora and legendary DJ Norman ‘Fatboy Slim’ Cook come together right here, right now to talk about their new collaboration, reimagining iconic song Praise You for a new age. They also discuss Ora’s hope to become an advocate – a positive refugee story – to change the anti-migrant rhetoric coming from government.

Earth Day 2023

This year, with an Earth Day theme of a need for bold action, in this special edition we look at the issues impacting now – how to green our energy, but also serve a need to become energy self-sufficient; how to deal with the human displacement that climate change causes; how to stop rivers being so polluted. And a look at how we can help, even in death.

Also inside

  • Cardigan-wearing comedy pin-up Jon Richardson explains how he overcame teenage anxiety in a Letter To My Younger Self
  • Why UK aid is failing the world’s most vulnerable people
  • The partnership between The Big Issue and Specsavers breaking down the barriers stopping people accessing proper eye care
  • How a wildlife photographer is redefining the Big 5 to save species at risk and draw attention to the term’s brutal colonial origins
  • And Tavistick vendor Neil tells us that when he’s not out selling the magazine, he’s covering Johnny Cash at his local open-mic nights.

Plus much more!

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