Rufus Wainwright: Family Guy

Issue 1198

Rufus Wainwright: Family Guy

In this weeks issue…Rufus Wainwright delivers his Letter To My Younger Self. “At 16 I was fantastically driven,” he begins. “And I was quite a looker. If I could go back to that boy now I’d just congratulate him.” A fascinating reflection of how of coming out impacted his relationship with his parents, his own experience of fatherhood, and overcoming his drug addiction.


There is an equation that explains everything about how you behave, from how you vote to how charitable you are. But are we more than the science inside? More in this week’s magazine.

John Bird writes about the resignation of Iain Duncan Smith. IDS put the cat among the pigeons, he writes.

Charles Dickens was the 19th century’s literary giant – but was he also a fraud and a cheat?

Read more reaction from the wedding of the year as Bristol vendor Jack married a woman he met while sleeping rough three years ago. An incredible story.

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