Rylan for PM!

Issue 1519

Rylan for PM!


Ten years ago, Rylan walked on stage at an X Factor audition. Blond extensions as bright as his smile, bantering with the judges at a million miles an hour, he was an instant star. This week he talks to The Big Issue about a decade of evolving from guilty pleasure to national treasure. There’s sex, drugs and what he’d do as prime minister…

Pride at 50

As Pride in London celebrates half a century of protest, politics and partying, we look at how the struggle for LGBT+ equality has come a long way. But the fight is far from won.

Glenda Jackson

Not many could say that they have had two highly successful careers, but Glenda Jackson is a shining example that anything’s possible. In a Letter To My Younger Self she explains what made her go from movies to parliament.

Also inside

– The intelligent greenhouses growing food that are leaving the rest of the field behind
– A diary from a foodbank manager about registering their oldest ever client, born in 1919
– What it’s really like to be part of a courtroom drama, by Wendy Joseph QC
– How Elvis shows the human side of the King
– ‘Normal men, innocent men’ and me. Lauren Layfield on the viral clip of 2022
– And Robin Price shares his joy at moving to a pitch at a train station!

Plus much more!

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